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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Aerial Pak available?

Aerial Pak is available to professionals and individuals domiciled within the United States. Coverage is automatically available to U.S. policyholders while operating within Canada and Puerto Rico. Worldwide coverage is also available.

What is the typical annual Policyholder Investment for Aerial Pak?

The premium range for an Aviation Liability policy with limits of $1,000,000 is between $550.00 – $750.00/year. Limits of $100,000 start around $250.00/year. Increased liability limits and Hull/Payload coverage will affect the premium.

Are payment plans available?

Premium is due in full prior to policy activation, however financing of the premium may be available – contact an Aerial Pak insurance professional to see if you qualify.

On-Demand drone coverage may be an option to consider as well, which allows for monthly payments. Make sure to discuss this option with an Aerial Pak insurance professional, as there are coverage differences between our annual and on-demand policy options.

What is the rating of Aerial Pak’s insurers?

Our carriers are rated A.M. Best A (Excellent) VII

Is membership in any associations a requirement for coverage?

No. Aerial Pak policyholders should be operating all UAV equipment the guidelines of the FAA and have their FAA Remote Pilot Certification / Part 107 (or be in the process of obtaining this).

What type of aircraft can be insured through the program?

We can insure any size unmanned aircraft, although aircraft that exceed 55lbs may require some additional underwriting and time to process the application. We can also insure manned aircraft and helicopters whether used for business or pleasure.

Are there any exclusions in the Aerial Pak Liability policy about which I should know?

Yes. Some policies excludes “personal injury”, which limits the policy to strictly bodily injury or property damage claims-and eliminates coverage for things like invasion of privacy. This coverage may be included with certain policies. There are exclusions for pollution, sound wave interference and others. Please refer to your policy for complete details.

Who is Hill & Usher and how do they fit into this program?

Hill & Usher is a retail insurance brokerage, specializing in the photographic and media industries. Today, Hill & Usher maintains one of the largest insurance programs in the United States catering specifically to wedding, portrait and commercial photographers. In 2004, Hill & Usher established Aerial Pak™ to provide the first national program exclusively for UAV photographers.

Aviation Liability Coverage:

What does Aerial Pak’s Liability policy actually cover?

The General Liability policy will protect the named insured for “bodily injury” or “property damage” claims by the general public. For instance, an Aerial Pak policyholder’s aircraft veers suddenly out of control and injures a passerby, shatters a window, or worse. Aviation Liability coverage will pay for an injured party’s medical costs or damaged property.

What Liability limits are available in Aerial Pak?

Limits ranging from $100,000 to $10,000,000 are quickly available. For limits greater than $10,000,000, underwriting review and approval is needed.

What is the Liability deductible?

There is no deductible for bodily injury or property damage claims. If you’ve requested Hull or Payload coverage for your policy, a deductible will apply. Please refer to your policy for complete details.

May I name another person or company as an Additional Insured?

Yes. Hill & Usher can issue a Certificate of Insurance to the Additional Insured.

What are some common exclusions in the Aerial Pak property policy?

Nuclear Events, War, Mechanical Breakdown, damage from Electrical Current, Wear & Tear, Volcanic Eruption, Sound Waves, Pollution and Dishonest Acts of the insured. The policy should be carefully reviewed for more information. We will gladly provide a sample policy.

The descriptions of coverage provided to you on this website do not alter or replace the actual policy issued to your firm. For an exact explanation of coverage, please refer to the policy. In the event of a claim, the actual policy in force at the time the loss occurred will dictate coverage and limits.